July Holiday Schedule

Week 1

Wednesday 2nd July: Scooter Lessons from 10am
Thursday 3rd July: Skate Camp Day 10am-1pm
Friday 4th July: Free Skateboard Clinics from 10am
Saturday 5th July: BMX BBQ in 6-10 All In Session

Week 2

Tuesday 8th July: Scooter Comp from 11am
Wednesday 9th July: Skate Camp Day 10am-1pm
Thursday 10th July: Scooter Lessons from 10am
Friday 11th July: Free Skateboard Clinics from 10am
Saturday 12th July: Skate Comp from midday

Regular holiday sessions still run everyday as well from Monday 30th June to Monday 14th July.

On comp days some parts of the park will be comp only for a while but there’ll always be at least part of the park open to everyone.

The new resi ramp is OPEN NOW!!
Resi Ramp. Click for larger view

People have been asking A LOT of questions so here’s some info that you might find helpful:

The resi ramp is OPEN NOW!! The foam pit will open some time in the nearish future, we’ll keep you posted:

Helmets MUST be worn on resi ramp by anyone under 18, no exceptions.

STRICTLY No pegs can be used on bikes or scooters on the resi.

All bikes and scooters must have bar ends that are in good condition.

Resi/Foam Pit Pricing

Use of the resi/foam pit is included in the normal session price.

BMX riders can use just the resi/foam pit area when non-BMX sessions are on. This costs $6 for a resi/foam only session. This option is only available to BMX riders and only during non-BMX sessions.

Skate Skool

SKATE SKOOL!! Here's the info

Skate Skool sessions go for 1 hour. Groups are tailored to suit the kids so they receive coaching to suit their ability. We have groups to suit skaters of all levels, even total beginners. If you don’t have a board you can borrow one of ours. Group coaching is the best way for kids to progress safely and quickly. All our coaches are Skateboarding Australia accredited.

Call us on 4355 1557 if you'd like more info or to book.
Each term is $99 for 8 weeks.

93 Gavenlock Road
Tuggerah NSW 2259
(02) 4355 1557
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