September Holiday Schedule

Week 1
Tuesday 22nd Sept: Skate Camp Day 10am-1pm
Wednesday 23rd Sept: Skate Treats Comps + Giveaways 6pm-8pm
Thursday 24th Sept: Skate Camp Day 10am-1pm
Thursday 24th Sept: Scooter Workshop 12pm-2pm
Friday 25th Sept: Free Skate Lessons from 10am
Saturday 26th Sept: BMX BBQ Comps + Giveaways 6pm-10pm

Week 2
Monday 28th Sept: Skate Camp Day 10am-1pm
Tuesday 29th Sept: Scooter Workshop 10pm-12pm
Wednesday 30th Sept: Skate Camp Day 10am-1pm
Thursday 1st Oct: Scoot Treats Comps + Giveaways 6pm-8pm
Friday 2nd Oct: Free Skate Lessons from 10am

General public holiday sessions run every day from Monday 22nd September to Monday 5th October even when other events are on.

Skate Camp Days run with at least 2 groups each day, one for beginners and one for more advanced skaters to suit all levels.

The Foam Pit is OPEN!
Resi Ramp. Click for larger view

Skate Skool

SKATE SKOOL!! Here's the info

Skate Skool is our after school coaching program. Group lessons are one of the best ways to improve your skating. We have groups to suit all levels including total beginners. Lessons are on weekday afternoons for one hour and run all term.

We have a group for scooter riders too.

Call us on 4355 1557 if you'd like more info or to book.

93 Gavenlock Road
Tuggerah NSW 2259
(02) 4355 1557
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